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and eric? >> the world's most rabid apple fans are in san francisco for the start of mac world, and cornell bernard is live at mascone center where hollywood is represented there. >> the big show is back in san francisco in a few short hours and the doors will on for mac world. it is called the ultimate i fan event with lots of star power. mac world is one of san francisco's biggest trade shows, of course, and 30,000 people attending from all over the world. apple is no longer associated with mac world since 2009 but there is the next best thing, ashton kutcher will be here playing the late steve jobs in a new movie this spring. and, musicians "will i am" will be here talking about technology and gadgets, and such a history after 29 years and there be no more big rollouts, the i-fans are here and create the bigs and cannot wait to immerse themselves in everything mac. big bucks for san francisco $23 million in revenue over the three days and mac world wraps up on saturday. live in san francisco this morning. >> 24th year, parents of a missing teen and their supporters led a march through th
. he's going win six super bowls. >> the team's name is the san francisco 49ers but they are really playing for all of the bay area. even the little fans out there. >> a bunch of cuties ready to go. so is "today in the bay's" marla tellez live in santa clara right now with that side of the story. marla, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we're at the future home of the san francisco 49ers. the stadium of course in santa clara. what's going on between these two cities, san francisco and santa clara, is not something that we've seen before. call it the tale of two cities. both are extremely proud of the red and gold. but as niners relationship with candlestick in san francisco starts to wind down just as the team heads to the super bowl, santa clara is quick to stake a claim to the team though doing so quietly. other than this massive construction site, there's not a lot of niners fanfare around town. santa clara city hall is not lit up in red and gold. we drove by there this morning to check that place out. neither is mayor ed lee's office in san francisco. as for online
. cal has more >> reporter: the ship is still out here in the san francisco bay. the 750-tanker hit one of the support towers of the bay bridge yesterday around 11:00 in foggy conditions. authorities say no oil was leak. the ship had just unloaded at a martinez refinery. the coast guard officials told us this morning a little bit more about its investigation. >> we're gonna continue to interview important members of the crew which includes the pilot and we'll also continue to interview members -- coast guard members who responded to the scene and find out what -- try to get more clues as to what happened. >> reporter: ktvu has learned the pilot passed an alcohol test yesterday. that pilot, george kleess, has eight years of experience but has had some problems in the past. now according to state records, kleess ran aground brieffully a sacramento river on august 27th of 2009. then two days later, he ran into some wooden pylons on a catwalk in stockton. caltrans officials say the bridge itself sustained no structural damage as the wood in the metal fenders absorbed the impact just as they
is steps away from where kevin collins disappeared in 1984. >> reporter: san francisco police are expected to release the name and the photo of the man who used to live in this house on masonic. he is longer alive but was a person of interest in the kevin collins. he was questioned after kevin vanished. he had an allah lib by -- alabi. the medical examiner believes the remains that they did found here are that of an animal. the last person kevin collins was talking to was a tall blond man with a big dog -- big dog. the man described like that used to live here. the dogs were never used in the initial search. so that's they came back. >> i just hope there's closure for the family members. very sad story. >> reporter: neighbors we talk to say the school kevin attended st. agnes never recovered after the disappearance, closing a few years later. >> right after that, st. agnes started to pull some of their children out of the school. >> it's concerning. >> reporter: this morning, neighbors are really just amazed that this case has resurfaced. kevin's mother says she feels numb and doesn't know
left hand lane moving into san francisco. in san jose the debris is in southbound 280 with a truck losing the load causing flat tires and the truck is leading a fluid, and c.h.p. will do a traffic break to get that cloned -- cleaned up. the longer that is there the more delays you will see. bart and muni are on time and a train number one is ten minutes behind out of pleasanton. >> developing news in the senator of a home for the remains of kevin collins the ten-year-old boy who was kidnapped 29 years ago in san francisco. abc7 broke the story of the search on abc7 at 4:00 yesterday. bones were discovered borrowried beneath a basement floor of a home. it is likely they are from an an an -- from an animal but final testing has to be done. amy will have a live report with more in 30 minutes on that story. >> testing is underway for the golden gate bridge new electronic toll system. our news reporter cornell bernard joins us with what to expect drivers out there. cornell? >> eric, starting today there is in such thing as toll evadeers on the golden gate bridge, everyone from now on is
first year in the san francisco he was great with making 44 of the 52 field goals. so far, not as much and gary radnich will have more coming up with a possible replacement for david acres. that is coming up. >> catherine: he's arguably the most vocal member of the san francisco giants. now - sergio romo is being accused of being a little 'too' vocal with airport security workers in las vegas. the relief pitcher is in trouble after an outburst in the security line. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and joins us with more. >> reporter: catherine, you and i both know that sergio romo is one of the most colorful players on the san francisco giants. during the world series parade he wore a shirt that said, i just look illegal, an image that went viral. las vegas police say on new year's day between 8:30 and 9 there was an outburst between a tsa agent and romo. tsa officials tell me romo was unable to provide identification required of travelers. this is a picture posted on new year's eve showing sergio romo at a nightclub in vegas called haze. in the photo you'll see that he's alo
bay area. >> new this morning, the san francisco race nope for its crazy costumes and inebriated runners has new trouble. amy joins us live from howard treats. this is just four months before the big race takes place. >> not good timing. the problem is there is not a lot of time to recover. according to the "san francisco chronicle", we they have dropped out as the sponsor and the redwood city company did not explain, saying "no comment" to the paper. this would have been their third year as a sponsor of the race, which has had recent troubles maintaining sponsorship. they were the 3rd sponsor in 10 years. it is expensive. it costs from $250,000 to $500,000. it is also a controversial race. residents have complained about the drinking on the race and what a nuisance it has become for the neighborhood. the general manager of the race down plays this saying that they will go on, with or without a sponsor. it is set to start right here may 19, next to the bay, and wind its way through the city and end at the breakers of ocean beach. >> amy, thank you. a judge will decide where a man
changed lanes to cross near the red line on the map. >> san francisco board of supervisors has voted to ban smoking at outdoor fess values and parades. the vote came in just about past hour, block party woz not be subject to the ban. proponents say police will not be pa patrolling but depending on pier pressure and a campaign to keep people from lighting up. if the banĂ·$y gets final approv, it could take affect in time for the chinese new year's parade in february. >> new video of facebook's new search feature. >> it allows users to search social connections for information about which friends share interests. it will help users who want to scroll through fotors friends have taken let's say in paris or search for tv shows. the ceo says the searc]qn feature is privacy aware, meaning users can only search for content that has been shared with them. today's unveiling in menlo park will have more on how grass search works coming up at 5:00. >> registration started today for online course that's some people say could be a game changer for higher education. >> abc 7 news is at san jose st
look outside from our roof camera. looking back at san francisco. we're watching the weather this morning. >> the rain is mainly in the north bay james. we are seeing a little bit of a shower in the san mateo area. no accidents on the road way. really light rain. most of the bay area, 95 percent of of our tribe. it is dry. >> the green on screen indicates light rain. portions of highway 101. drive with caution. light rain reported around the coast. >> it is drive around san mateo. the satellite tracking has crossed the bay. in the haywood oakland area light rain. futurecast 4 shows not all of us was the rain. by 10:00 a.m. this morning predominantly in the north bank. light rain for the east shore freeway towards the interior valleys as well. >> 2:00 p.m., it will fill in for the delta, livermore valley. we will still be dry in the peninsula. 8:00 p.m. tonight, it spreads south. light rain for the san jose, mountain view area. >> we are still dry for redwood city and san bruno. >> it depends on where you are located. it is a cold start to the morning. not as chilly as the pas
from tracy died. the names of the victims have not been released. >>> some san francisco taxi customers are not happy. they are complaining loudly. brian flores is live in san francisco now to tell us what they are complaining about. brian? >> reporter: hi, dave. good morning. if you have actually ridden a taxi here, i would say for the most part, the experience mass been heavily good for a lot of people. for about 1700 people, they didn't like the experience and they complained to the city. according to an article by the bay citizen, about 1700 passengers complained about the their service. riders can complain to the 311 complaint line. the article states between july of 2011 and july of 2012 there was pan increase in 20% -- there was an increase of 20%. a list of complaints taxi drivers driving unsafely on the roads. there were complaints that drivers would refuse to take credit cards. there was at least one incident where a passenger alleged that a driver stole his credit card number. there were also complaints of driver's racial profiling, refusing to pick up passengers because of t
. >> san francisco police have released a picture of the man suspected of killing a dog during a robbery. 35-year-old laurice barrett stole money from a woman in san francisco's tenderloin on december 28 and weapon the dog started blocking from the car, police say he snatched the dog and through it into the oncoming traffic and her 12-year-old dog died. there is $3,000 reward if anyone who tracks down laurice barrett. >> california farmers will have to wait to fine out if the recent cold snap did any major damage to their crops. freezing temperatures can endanger everything from green vegetables to citrus fruit. mandarin orange crops have been damaged. fires have been set and they are running wind machines to raise the tomorrow as few degrees and that can make all the difference between a profitable harvest and losing millions. >> food trucks are staying put in mountain view. the city council discussed the possible been on food trucks at the meeting last night and the city's central business association in downtown committee are driving the effort with food trucks unfair advantage agains
of the abortion issue turned out yesterday in downtown san francisco in a pair of dueling rallies centered around the 30th anniversary of roe v. wade division. organizers of the ninth annual walk for life say 40,000 supporters were at the rally. that followed an earlier gathering at justin herman plaza. that was the pro-choice gathering. four decades after the legalization of abortion the debate continues. >> apportion hurts women and families and children and society. it needs to become unthinkable. >> they seem to think they should have control of what women do with their bodies and it isn't right. >> organizers say it was the largest turnout the march for life has ever had in its nine years in san francisco. >>> two people were rescued after their sailboat collided with a tugboat escorting a barge. it happened in the san francisco bay. the coast guard and sf fire responded. one person was suffering from hypothermia. we asked the coast guard if they knew how the accident happened. >> not right now. it's under investigation. the barge was told to go back into port and there's an investigating of
to step down as secretary of state in january. >> san francisco police are planning to keep the embarcadero open with a crowd expected downtown for the new year's eve. fire works show going to be happening soon. traffic control division is on stand by but plis say that is a last resort, a quarter million revelers are expected on the water front to seat fire works. officials want to remind people to stay it safe, and smart. >> there is no drunking in public no, open container as loued. we recommend you travel together in, pairs. look out for each other, get there early. it will be crowded. >> this 15 minute display will feature up to 5,000 devices launched in a barge in the bay. >> here is a live look at what the embark dare crow looks like now. not too crowded yet. but hundreds of thousands pechl expected to line streets. and they'll have a lot of options when it comes to getting around safely. abc 7 news joins us now with details on everything from free rides to price hikes just for tonight. keira? >> good evening, people are starting to arrive here to the cal train station
. 47 in san francisco. >> transitioning into the afternoon mid to upper 50s potentially low 60s. santa rosa 60. 62 now a pyrrhic 63 in haywood best-62 and nap--62 >> we will enjoy clear skies, sunshine, and temperatures on the moors side. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows thursday even friday mid to upper 60s. some locations to our south could warming to the seventies. it will fill like spring. inland lows dropping into the upper '30's. >> a small chance for showers into sunday. temperatures will stay on the warmer side. expect partly cloudy skies as we start the next work weeks. >> that is your weather. >> taking a quick check of your commute. no hot spots. >> the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza doing fine. >> no problems at the san mateo bridge accident free for those of you heading toward cost the city. >> south bound 101 and easy ride the tell light making their way into san francisco. >> best-toward a foster city. >> and 8 year old girl is recovering after being shot in the leg in a drive-by shooting. >> the girl was standing outside in front of a home on th
but it quickly turned into a chase that went to and through san francisco. officer camera caught this moving north. we were right behind the chp through oakland and across the bay bridge where officers popped the suspect's tires with spike strips. the chase continued for several blocks in the city before it ended with the drivers arrested at 14th street and south va necessary. >>> hillary clinton is making her first appearance at the hearing. you can see clinton there. she says this morning that the state department is moving aggressively to strengthen security after the deadly september 1th raid on the benghazi conflict -- september 11th raid on the benghazi conflict. coming up at 7:15 where she got choked up up choked-- choked up. >>> palo alto police are expected to release more details about an armed robbery near downtown palo alto. it happened around 8:45 last night. police say a man with a gun approached a couple of that was walking down the street. the rob took -- the robber took the man's purse and the man's wallet. nobody was hurt. >>> home burglaries in palo alto went up. 226 burg
-shirts which wasn't clear until the last minute of the game. once it was obvious san francisco had won, the company started the silk screen printing machines with the goal of printing 16,000 t-shirts before midnight because they had to get them boxed and ready to go on those trucks to be in stores like the 49ers team store here in palo alto in time for morning. again, this store is going to hope at 9:00. if you are thinking of going to new orleans, which is two sundays from now and you have the coin, it is going to cost you a bit. nose bleeds around 2,000. 10,000 if you are on the 50-yard line assuming you can get those tickets. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> i like the seat at home. free and i can get to the refridr refrigerator. >>> baltimore celebrating their spot in that super bowl and that matchup means, ladies and gentlemen, we're about to see history. call this one the habbowl or maybe even family feud or how about brobowl. niners against big brother jim harbaugh's ravens. first time in nfl history two brothers will coach against each other in that super bowl. we can tell yo
for the setback in their search. >>> san francisco mayor ed lee announced to do long-await police substation will open next month in the city's central market area. the station is located on 6th street between jes seshgs and mission street. construction is expected to be complete in a couple of weeks. the mayor says the new station can help revitalize the area. the 6th street corridor has been plagued for years. >>> now, to our continuing coverage of efforts to curb gun violence in oakland. tonight the city public safety meeting is meeting to consider had success in lowering crime rates in other cities. dozens of protesters turned out to show their opposition to the move. the city has proposed bringing on former los angeles police chief william bratten as a consultant. the demonstrators say bratten's policies such as stop and frisk are racist and unconstitutional but police chief howard jordan supports him. >> i think he's a wonderful leader in law enforcement. i look forward to working with him. i don't expect any of the controversy that is surrounding him to be an issue for us. >> the publ
with wires sticking out of it. san francisco police then cordoned off the caltrain station at 4th and king streets as a precaution. the bomb squad inspected the item and determined that it was harmless. no one was hurt. the train was scheduled to head back out. the passengers waiting to board were bussed to another station for a new outbound train. >>> 7:06. let's go right back to sal. we have that mess in the south bay because of the big rig crash but you are watching everywhere else as well. >> that's right. we're gonna start at northbound 101 at fair oaks. the chp told janine they are just about to open the lanes here on the 101 but the backup is almost to the san jose airport. i would suggest 280 for a short route. again, good news, they are just about to reopen it. we've been on this story since we went on the air at 4:30. let's take a look at some live pictures. i want to show you 880 here in oakland. that looks pretty good driving past the coliseum. getting to downtown oakland. to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see traffic busy. but not all that bad. it's about a 20-minute dela
registered a. here's a complete breakdown of your afternoon highs. 61 for richmond downtown san francisco. 62 in hayward. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast highlights lane on the way. as of now it is looking like a 60 percent chance. i have observed the models and pretty much everyone will contend with some light rain. it will not be a huge rain maker. temperatures will be warmer and we are back to sunshine on thursday. >> friday a slight chance for friday'showers and partly cloudy skies. a rainy weekend and a potential to continue to the next work week. >> meantime, quiet in the traffic center. areas of thick fog. drive with extra caution. a live look outside at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza problem free out of oakland into the city. >> the san mateo bridge, traffic exceptionally light in the west bound direction towards of the city. >> south bound 101 a great ride out of marin county in to san francisco this morning. anny. >> thank you erica. >> more cancellations for all of nippon airways from tokyo to mineta san jose international airport. >> the japan faced airlin
. light showers and over the golden gate some light rain. a sausalito, san francisco. the bay bridge also seeing the light showers. as we take a wider view, some moisture offshore. in fact, this is coming up from the south. this is a towards the monterey coast. certainly, not to complete with the show worse yet ruled timing it out, coming out >> pam: san francisco is getting ready for the super bowl sunday. first, j. r. stone talking about how the 49ers are doing >> reporter: some of them said that this is just another game. and i came across a couple of other people but said the this is the orleans. we are going to have jumbo andgjambalaya some of this practice video because this was the first time the 49ers talked to the practice field sense they had the victorious rwanda are against the atlanta falcons. not quite the ideal. a victorious -- victory against the if lead the falcons. however, before and during practice after we spoke with joe staley these players have intimated they have it made and have worked hard. also, the fans have its to made. >> you have a giants victory they are do
he knew the victim and the two may have had a long-standing feud. >>> san francisco city leaders are hoping to avoid a super headache on super bowl sunday. they're taking steps to avoid a repeat of fan violence that marred the world series victory. the mayor is asking bars to keep an eye on how much alcohol they are serving especially hard liquor, more decembiesel l l bu running because they can be rerouted through large crowds. large crowds unlike electric buses. they will pick up trash to help prevent fires. there will be no tolerance for vandals. >> so the department will vigoro vigorously investigate if those things happen and we will make an arrest and they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. again, we want people to come to san francisco, and weigh want them to celebrate responsibly. >> police arrested dozens of people when celebrations got out of control. vandals overturned cars, destroyed property, and started fires. >>> dozens of san francisco restaurants could be in hot water for failing to spend surcharges on employers as required. businesses were supp
a potential debt disaster. >>> we're following a developing story out of san francisco where the bomb squad has been called to an area not too far from at&t park. police say a military ordnance of some kind was found at a construction site near third street. this is a live look from our nbc chopper overhead there checking out the scene. all this happening right across from mccovey cove. you can see traffic snarled up, being rerouted around that area. as of right now, this is still an active situation. we will, of course, keep you posted on this one and let you know what prompted the bomb squad to be called there once we know. >> it took hours of cursing, screaming and debate, but this morning oakland has finally made a decision on a very controversial proposal to reduce violent crime. it is now poised to hire one of the best known policing experts in america, bill bratton. nbc bay area's christie smith spoke with them this morning. she joins us with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. the message coming out of the oakland police department this morning is that oakla
to the scene in san francisco to southbound 101 blocked right now at 4th so use 7th or 10th street southbound 101 out of san francisco. otherwise, quiet out there with nice-looking ride at 580 and a commute up and over the altamont pass and busy highway 4 westbound and 880 from 238 to the macarthur maze. here is 80 westbound, bunched up as you move to the junction with the metering lights just turned on. >> in health news, the nation's leading group of gynecologists is urging doctors around the country to screen women for so-called birth control sabotage. doctors say the sabotage takes place when a man intentionally tries to get a woman pregnant without her knowledge including hiding the pills or pretending to wear a condom. doctors say they do not know how common it is but they see enough of it to make a new recommendation. >> are you guilty of taking pictures of your food at restaurants? ahead, the photo backlash leading some chefs to take action. amen -- menlo >> cupertino, concord, wine country, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, we have them all covered with radar.
women's right project in san francisco released the statement saying in part, they welcome the lifting of the ban with cautious optimism and hope that it will be lifted quickly and fairly. the ban went in effect 1994 and if there's positions they want to prevent them from filling, special exemptions will be considered. >> last year, defense secretary panetta expanded combat positions to women in the army. today's action addresses the other military branches. the 1.4 million military active personnel, 14% are women. 292,000 women have served in combat zones. in both wars, 152 women have died from bat or noncombat causes. and nooip 58 have been wounded in action. >> it's back. rain returning to the bay area today. after 16 days of clear skies, we had a dreary grey day. we are looking at the camera outside. most of the showers fell in the north bay as we look at the camera in a second there. there you go. starting mid morning and then by the afternoon, that rain started moving even further into the city. chief meteorologistist is tracking the wet weather and the cold temperatures. jeff, i
it to storm tracker 4 a small green dot you see. >> mac spotty showers of the san francisco coast line and lingering showers south of walnut creek driving into the san ramon valley. >> be aware that. no issues with flooding or pounding. it could be a damper ride. we have a lot of cloud cover up above. temperatures on the moors i for this time morning. expect '40's and 50's. upper '40's for santa rosa and the bottle. 51 in downtown san francisco. -- navato. >> '40's will turn to fifties around 8:00 a.m.. >> by lunchtime most locations still in the '50s. maybe a couple of lows 60s by your afternoon highs. >> 8:00 p.m. not much change. we will lose a few degrees. most locations still sticking in the '50s. >> not much change in the temperatures for the next 12 hours. afternoon highs show downtown san francisco 59. 60 in antioch. 60 in fremont. 614 redwood city and sunnyvale. >> satellite and radar shows a lot of wet weather activity in portions of the state. most of it is adding to our south we are currently experiencing some heavy, a moderate rain in the monterey area. >> we have the pote
compare to what we are dealing with yesterday. >> san francisco 59. 57 in san raphael. lows 60s for richmond concord. 61 in hayward. 62 in san jose. >> satellite and radar shows some of the rotation moisture spinning its way north into the bay area. that will continue throughout the day however, the unsettled weather will start to diminish by later tonight. >> i do not think we will see any rain for the evening hours. as we take it to future cast 4 by a.m. light rain for the coast line in the mid peninsula. >> a lot of cloud cover lingering but not much moisture. >> 10:00 a.m. light rain for napa, vallejo, along the delta. >> not much later this afternoon by 1:00 p.m. we're not picking up much. >> the cloud cover and cool weather will stick around but not much rain into the evening hours. >> we may see it as we head into the weekend. saturday and sunday a series of systems dropping from the gulf of alaska will bring cold showers to our area. >> not a lot of moisture associated with them but a chance for instability because he scattered showers with that. >> keep an umbrella hand
in san francisco. we'll go on a behind the scenes tour to find out what makes this place so groundbreaking. coming up. >>> good evening. welcome to "this week in northern california." it's been an eventful week with the governor's address from the state capital, emotions running high in oakland. not to mention a new one of a kind arts institution celebrating a grand opening in san francisco. we have much to get to. let's begin by introducing our panelists. joining me tonight, matthai kuruvila, "san francisco chronicle" reporter. jolie o'dell, of as well as john myers, kxtv political editor joining us from sacramento. governor jerry brown struck a confident tone on thursday, applauding lawmakers and voters for making tough decisions to balance california's budget. he also pushed for his priorities including education and regulatory reform. now, john, how would you rate his speech and what left the biggest impressions on you? >> well, you know, rating the speech, a speech from jerry brown is really tough to do because it's unlike any other speech you get from
of a kind arts institution celebrating a grand opening in san francisco. we have much to get to. let's begin by introducing our panelists. joining me tonight, matthai kuruvila, "san francisco chronicle" reporter. jolie o'dell, of as well as john myers, kxtv political editor joining us from sacramento. governor jerry brown struck a confident tone on thursday, applauding lawmakers and voters for making tough decisions to balance california's budget. he also pushed for his priorities including education and regulatory reform. now, john, how would you rate his speech and what left the biggest impressions on you? >> well, you know, rating the speech, a speech from jerry brown is really tough to do because it's unlike any other speech you get from any other governor. how many governors go from the book of genesis to "the little engine that could" in one 25-minute speech? this was a vintage jerry brown speech. i think really what you saw here was a little bit of the governor running a victory lap. proposition 30 passed. temporary taxes passed. the budget looks a lot better. i think
lofgren and the police chief in san francisco greg to also be here. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >>> gun control and crime concern will be a key topic as the mayors gather on washington, d.c., this week at the u.s. conference of mayors. vice president joe biden will address the topic at the conference tomorrow. several mayors are seeking regional cooperation when it comes to the sale of guns and types of ammunition. friday and saturday the topics will include job creation, immigration and the fiscal cliff agreement. bay area mayors as well. the chief of oakland says one of her key missions will be talking to law enforcement experts about crime fighting tactics. oakland's public safety committee recommended against bringing in well-known policing expert bill bradley. >>> a charge of car theft doesn't usually prompt a request to move a trial but when the car in question is a $200,000 lamborghini belonging to the top chef, that changes things. trying to move the trial saying the theft of the high-profile car has drawn such intense publicity he can't find an impartial jury. he is ac
. >>> good morning. a serious accident in san francisco. find out why one man was sent to the hospital with serious injuries. >>> an 8-year-old girl becomes the latest innocent victim of oakland's growing gun violence. the city's police chief will respond in a few hours. >> reporter: we're live in vallejo where police are investigating a scandal that rocked a private high school. we'll tell you new details about the sexual hazing allegations. >>> a huge project just starting in santa clara county. ktvu's janine de la vega is joining the many volunteers. "mornings on 2" begins right now. >>> well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday, january 29th. >>> a new twist in the allegations at a high school in vallejo. janine de la vega is live to explain why police are now getting involved in the case and the questions they still need answered. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we've learned that in the inside of the locker room is the coach's office. so the big question is was he even present? was he anywhere near th
and 5'10" with a medium build with black hair and brown eyes and a mustache. >>> san francisco police hunting for a pair of armed robbers. we have video shot at a pair of family own the pharmacies in the city's russian neighborhood and one in the sunset district. both happened january 14th. the men stealing medications containing oxycodone. the men happen to look alike. both between 20 and 25 years old. both are thin and 5'9" tall. >>> crews are digging up a street in green bay in marin. they are trying to fix a pipeline that ruptured under the road near sir francis drake boulevard. the water was shooting six feet into the air at the rate of 1,500 gallons a minute. a dozen homes are still without water. crews are making sure the roadway is still structurally sound. >> a wet, messy morning. christina loren is here to tell us what is going on outside. rain in places? >>> south bay. good news for marin county. the good news for everybody. back in the air quality range. today, doing much better in that department. i want to show you the live picture of san francisco. we are seeing a bit o
in baseball obtained steroids. the list includes a former san francisco giant and two former oakland as players. the report check records from a miami anti-aging clinic and it found that melky cabrera, gio gonzalez, cologne, ramirez and other players purchased performance-enhancing drugs. cologne and cabrera served suspensions last season for testing positive. >>> gun violence happens in oakland but the police department is particularly troubled by the shootings last week of two officers, plus another shooting that injured an 8-year-old girl. alex savidge is live at the police department where the chief has been speaking about these recent shootings. alex? >> reporter: good afternoon. the chief of police here in oakland says the type of violence that we've seen recently in this city, police officers being shot, a child shot yesterday, he calls it unacceptable. a news conference just wrapped up here at oakland's police headquarters. the chief of police is promising that officers will track down the gunman who shot an 8-year-old girl during a drive-by. she suffered a gunshot wound to t
of sunlight. it's dark but no fog to show you in san francisco. in fact, we do have to show you a flag blowing in the breeze. the 49ers congratulations. we sure hope you win the super bowl making san francisco very proud home to some crazy sports. 42 degrees in san francisco. 33 in napa. a great time to be in the bay area if you want to get outdoors this afternoon. basically a repeat performance to yesterday. we do have changes just around the corner. 31 degrees. grab that coat. it's cold out there in gilroy this morning. 34 in livermore. we're still in winter. however, we'll get close to 70 degrees later on today. mostly dry conditions for the first part of your wednesday and then we'll get light to moderate showers heading through the second half of the day tomorrow. ahead we have that storm window opening up and we'll let you know what that means for your household and how long you'll need the umbrella. 66 bayside at the coast. right around 60 degrees. seven day ready to go in my next report. first, want to check on that drive. good morning, mike. >> while you look at this horrible backup f
bridge traffic so far flowing nicely out of marin county towards san francisco. the nimitz 880 in oakland, they wrapped up roadwork. so all roads are open in hayward and downtown. >>> surveillance video captured a man trying to kidnap a 13- year-old girl in san jose. the teenager fought hard and broke free. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is at the san jose police department with more on this investigation. cate. >> reporter: good morning. officers at the san jose police department are hoping this new surveillance video can lead to the arrest of the suspect. >> we slowed it down to get a closer look. first a victim wearing white gets snatched from behind. dragged into a dark driveway. police say the 13-year-old screamed and fought back. a few seconds later she broke free and ran down the street. police released this sketch of the suspect. this happened last friday morning on 33rd and saint james. officers commended the bill for putting up the fight. >> it was a frightening situation and she fought back and escaped the perpetrator. >> officers s
this week at mac world starting thursday in san francisco. hollywood movers and shakers will take center stage, including ashton kutcher and is to talk about his experience playing apple founder steve jobs in the movie that is winning accolades. two big developments in silicon valley the past few days, apple disappointed wall street with the latest report. >> and netflix brought in a surprising net income of nearly 8 ms. tale of -- $8 million. tale of two techies? i don't know. we sat down with the personal technology columnist for the san jose mercury news. the first question is with apple, the giant, what is going on there? >> apple is going through a transition period right now and they are moving from a period of very high growth. they're growing as recently as a year or two years ago and revenue growth per quarter. year-over-year growth and phenomenal for a company as big as they are and they're slowing down. and the earnings didn't grow at all. thaprinting the next quarter that earnings will decline. >> is this just a case of people having the iphone and waiting for the next versio
more details as we get them tonight. >>> now at five - a police chase in san francisco ended with two people being killed. the suspect is behind bars. to people ended up in the hospital. it also two people ended up a hospital-- >>> you're looking at surveillance video. police say a man ran other driver off the road - and into a liquor store. the suspect also hit a pedestrian. kron4 has team coverage. maureen kelly talked to the man whose store was hit. but first - alecia reid is live near 21st street and van ness - with more on the investigation. >> reporter: there are two people dead and there is another person in a hospital with life-threatening injuries. the man responsible is also in a hospital but he is expected to be okay. >> the guy was stopped did not want to be caused and took off. because he tried to get away he crashed into this car and it cost two lives. >> reporter: the driver of this black car with shots fired near valencia gardens. as the officers approached the vehicle he sped off. this killed two people. it severely injured when more. >> this vehicle took off at a hig
degrees in santa rosa with fog. 32 concord. 42degrees in san francisco. this afternoon, some sunshine and a few clouds, still 66 in morgan hills, 64 san jose. east bay in the 50s and low 60s, inside the bay the temperatures into the 60s but we could see rain as early as tomorrow, michelle. back to you. >> thanks so much. >>> the festivities are over, now the white house is preparing -- or the house is preparing to vote on an increase in the nation's debt limit. the president has been pushing for the move which would prevent a first ever government default. cbs reporter susan mcginnis tells us how the deal was reached. >> reporter: they had their dance and taken a moment to savor the scene. now it's time to get back to work. in his inaugural speech, the president called on both parties not to let politics get in the way of governing. >> we must act knowing our work will be imperfect, we must act knowing that today's victories will be only partial. >> reporter: republicans are offering a compromise on the debt ceiling, house g.o.p. members are back
. this is from san francisco. this is the bay bridge on the approach. the lights will be off and on until march 5. we are looking at the toll plaza. there are no metering lights. the backup has cleared. your normal approach getting into the city. also the crash still at least with one chp officer getting into the city. no major slowing for the past few minutes. there was a single car crash in the area. a live look outside. good number of cars here. 101 at 680. road crews to tell you about. back to you for now. >> thanks, mike. a little more fuel for the fire here. jerry rice coming out in support of controversial comments made by tim brown this weekend. brown telling reporter former head coach bill callahan played to lose super bowl xxxvii. of course raiders fans remember the pain. that's when the team was blown out by tampa bay. brown said the raiders were ready to run the ball but callahan changed the game plan just two days before the super bowl. so far, no comment from callahan. >> from one controversy to another, a rot of niners fans calling for the replacement of kicker david akers. he miss
the ends with a crash in san francisco. it happened at fifth and townsend. kron4 as will tran is on the same. >> pg&e crows will be on the same to trying to restore the power. they stated that this accident happened about one party in the morning. they stated that the chp or the petaluma police department. they stated that this damage was caused by a bmw that went through the power pole. it then went through this as an alternately cresson to this pickup truck. this area belongs to caltran. they stated that they are not affected whatsoever. they stated that they are out there to try and restore the power. nonetheless if you hop on caltran use of not having problems. as far as what happened with the power situation you concede that the crows are all here and there are very busy. according to one person from pg&e they stated that it took out about 100 people who do not have our. as far as was started its pursuit we're still try to find this out. >> the other big story that we are following this morning is set the search still continues for the missing brought in alyssa byrne. we
francisco bay. >>> plus, tens of thousands turn out for an anti-abortion rally in san francisco. >> and a dream come true for a 49er superfan. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >>> good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm in tonight for ama daetz. we begin with breaking news, a water roiks after a sailboat sank in the san francisco bay. sergio is live with the latest on this rescue. reporter: carolyn, two people aboard the sailboat that sank were rescued by teams from the coast guard and the san francisco fire rescue squad. according to the coast guard this all happened this afternoon around 3:00 p.m. not clear how the two vessels collided with each other or why they were so close. the teams from the san francisco fire department and coast guard scrambled to the collision. one of the people rescued was suffering from signs of hypothermia bought -- but both were safely brought to show. two people who saw the come police say it rattled a calm day. >> there was a coast guard boat and then there's something like police boat or something, like emergency team. reporter: a coast guard spok
trombones and trumpets as they play saz jazz music in the even. for the san francisco 49ers, they're hoping to have a big party on sunday but it all started earlier this evening. wheels touched down at 7:45 local time and then jim harbaugh and company made their way t to the team hotel. it was there at the team media availability that coach harbaugh set the tone for the week. >> glad to see everybody. we're super excited to be here. unchartered waters for a rookie super bowl coach. but that's exciting, too. we have a great, great thrill and great desire of being in unchartered waters. our coaches and our players have always -- always relished that, thrived in that kind of environment. >> i think if you're prepared for a situation, you're going to be confident when you go out to try to win a football game or whatever you're doing, if you're prepared for it, you're going to be confident. head down, keep working. this isn't a time to relax and get out of your routine or stop working hard. this is when you should be working your hardest. >> dashon goldson had a quote that says pressure under pr
cities in the region have 310 murder cases last year. most of those numbers come from san francisco, oakland and san jose where murder rates increased by more than 52% in just the last two years. overall major violent crime went up 23% in both oakland and san jose. san francisco only saw a slight increase from the year before. >>> investigators at this hour trying to figure out what triggered a partial evacuation of a san jose hotel. more than a dozen people at the hilton hotel in downtown san jose ended up sick yesterday morning. hazmat crews arrived just before 11:00 a.m. 13 people there were treated at the scene after complaining of irritation in their throat and in their eyes. investigators think they were exposed to some kind of chemical but at this point they're not sure what that substance may be. >>> relief this morning for commuters heading out to the dumbarton bridge. a toll lane shut down due to budget trouble is finally reopen. bob redell is live near the dumbarton bridge about why officials are making that move. >> reporter: because of the backup. it was so big starting
. >>> the grace period is over in san francisco. now you have to start feeding those meters on sundays starting this sunday you will get a ticket if you overstay your meter. tickets are about $72 downtown and $62 in other parts of san francisco. the city's 29,000 meters will be active from noon until 6:00 on sunday nights. it used to be free to mark in metered spots in the city. the city approved the metering last april. >>> we'll have a full report from egypt coming up. >> we'll check the apple stock after a huge loss and a cool new app to show you ahead in business news. >>> plus, all systems go for the "star wars" relaunch. >>> we take you live to crank up the rpms. super men flying through airs on two wheels. engines going at coliseum. bob redell will bring it to you live coming up. >>> we give you a live look from chicago, illinois. that's on the miracle mile, michigan avenue there down in chicago. a great place to shop. some people would argue the best place to shop in the world. today, this morning, probably too cold to want to get out and shop too much. about 19 degrees. with some
about the poor economy and how you were employing folks in san francisco who maybe were underemployed. things have gotten a lot better. has that caused you problems? you had the carrots, do you have the rabbits any more? >> it's a great question. we were waiting to see what was going to happen. it hasn't affected the rate of the taskrabbit applications at all. actually, i was just looking at the numbers. last week we had over 3,000 taskrabbit applications, our highest ever of all time across the country. >> has it affected the salaries? do you see any evidence of a better economy? >> you know, that is a really good question because it has affected the salaries a bit, i think. >> the requests people are making for how much money? >> how much they are willing to pay to get a job done. last time i was here i mentioned some of our top taskrabbits are cashing out up to $5,000 a month. looking at the numbers yesterday, we had some taskrabbits cashing up to $10,000 a month. >> are you seeing people who are just using taskrabbit to make their income total? >> we are. we have some folks that h
. that has been with the big delay. jerry r. stone, kron 4 news. >> pam: the san francisco police department releases the sketch of a man who attacked a woman in the mission dictrict. this is a sketch of the suspect who investigators say, tried to sexually assault a 31-year old woman back on january sixth. just before three in the morning, the woman was walking down 23rd street towards church, when a man lunged at her-- grabbing her head and throwing her to the ground. he is described as an asian or hispanic male, 25 years of age, with a buzz haircut and slight beard growth. >> pam: a violent weekend in oakland. 15 people shot -- four of those killed. today, oakland city officials promising action. more on that part of the story ahead. but first, grant lodes is standing by with more on the------------------------ we'll break it down and map out all the shootings starting with friday. starting on firday.four shootings.all of them fatal.all over the city. three fo the four were friday afternoon. the other was 8:15 friday night. two shootings saturday.nobody died. but there were three people sh
. nobody was injured. >> 6:14. some of san francisco's top tech minds plan to remember that young hacker who took his own life this month. >> we remember that, yes. scott mcgrew said a memorial will attract some of the people who helped create the internet. >> good morning to you. swartz took his life as he faceded prison time for downloading academic papers from m.i.t. some of the people who helped invent the internet will hold the memorial in san francisco thursday night at the internet archive on funston in the city. i will post more information to the facebook page if you would like to attend. meanwhile the controversial site wikileaks today revealed for the first time that swartz was a financial contributor. may have been one of the reasons the federal government was so eager to prosecute him. >> larry page took part in google's conference call last night. page missed several of these because of issues with his voice and an unspecified illness. here is an executive takeaway. google says it makes less money per ad these days. that's a downward trend that's continuing. it has more use
is actually only 19- 20 minutes. erica. >> george will take it outside to downtown san francisco. high clouds in the distance. overall clear skies around the heart of the bay. we have fog forming in some of our east bay interior valleys. >> temperatures below the freezing mark sunshine into the afternoon mild weather with most of us to the low 60s. >> an increase in cloud cover tomorrow a possibility of wet weather. we will expect a cooling trend it will start to feel like a winter again. >> satellite and radar is monitoring the incoming rain. you will need your umbrella's i will walk you through the timing. coming up in my next report. >> we are following a developing story east bay oakland specifically. we're right now police and still searching for to men who they say shot an undercover police officer. it happened just after 6:00 last night on the 1700 block of seminary ave. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc seven news. so far they have managed to attain one person possibly connected to the shooting. the officer was shot suffered not life- threatening injuries. kron fo
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